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How does Wavz provide internet service?

We provide high speed internet to your home or business using new breakthrough fixed wireless technology. After we install a small device on your roof, you'll be wirelessly connected to high speed fiber. With a clear fixed signal path to your home or business, we can utilize low-cost frequency bands, instead of the costly and congested cellular bands. Wavz’s innovative strategy provides blazing 50-500 Mbps downloads at affordable prices.


Can I be restricted from having a Wavz wireless device on my roof?

It’s ok, you’re good! The FCC’s Over-the-Air Reception Device Rule prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of devices for fixed wireless internet access. Apartment and condo residents also have the right to place fixed wireless devices within areas they control, such as balconies or porches.


What does Wavz install?

Wavz installs a wireless device on your roof that is smaller and nicer looking than a typical satellite dish for TV service. We will connect this device to your home or business network using an Ethernet cable through a small power adapter.


How is this different than cellular?

Cellular wireless delivers service from high-power cell towers directly to your cellular devices, using frequencies that penetrate walls and buildings. Cellular wireless service often suffers from expensive plans with low data rates and low data caps.

Wavz delivers internet service via a low-power wireless device that we place on your roof, which then connects to your home or business network. Wavz offers affordable service with much faster speeds and unlimited streaming and surfing.


How is this different than satellite?

Satellites transmit data to a dish on your home or business while orbiting far above the Earth. This type of service offers slow speeds and sluggish performance.

Wavz uses smaller outdoor wireless equipment, which then connects to your home or business network. Wavz offers affordable and responsive service at much faster speeds.


Is my Wavz connection secure?

Wavz uses advanced encryption technology for all wirelessly transmitted data to protect the privacy of your internet connection.


Why is Wavz a better choice?

Unlike big cable and phone companies, Wavz offers affordable high speed internet without hidden fees, teaser rates and unnecessary bundled services.  Most of all, personal, simple customer service.


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